Course 11: anesthesia/analgesia II – 5 CE hours


This all new seminar has been designed to provide you with practical information on the current thoughts on anesthesia along with pain management in your practice. The combination of two Anesthesiologist/pain management specialists will provide a unique approach to the patient management. Dr’s Grubb and Robertson will discuss their approach to management of patients requiring anesthesia along with their assessment and management of pain in practice today and also anesthesia and analgesia for emergency/critical care patients.

Purchase of this on demand video combination allows you unlimited access to view its contents in the future.

To receive CE credits view the course then answer the test questions included with your purchase. After completing the exam, click and return it to IVS  for grading. If you score 70% or better, IVS will e-mail you a certificate for 5 hours of RACE approved CE credit.

Be sure and check with your State Board to see how many hours of CE you can get per year using this form of CE delivery.



Lecture 1:

Being Agile in the Face of Drug Shortages 

Lecture 2:

Local Blocks for Everyone on the Team
No sports? Train your own team to tackle (pain) by blocking the offensive (painful) line

Lecture 3:

Anesthesia Accidents – How to Prevent Them 

Lecture 4:

Emergency & Critical Care Patients: Special Anesthesia/Analgesia Needs 

Lecture 5:

Anesthesia & Analgesia Myths & Misconceptions: Top 10 

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