Course 13:Update on Select Infectious Gastrointestinal Diseases – 5 CE hours


In this course, Dr Lappin will present the most current information on the diagnosis and treatment of select infectious GI diseases that you are commonly asked to manage in your patients. 

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Lecture 1.        GI diagnostics including best use of PCR assays


Objectives.       To review the common causes of vomiting and diarrhea in cats and dogs

                                    To learn how best to use infectious GI disease PCR assays

                                    To understand why PCR is not indicated for some agents

                                    To review strategies for the management of cases based on PCR assay results


Lecture 2.         The truth about Giardia


Objectives.       To review the common manifestations

                                    To learn how to complete the diagnostic workup in private practice

                                    To understand which treatments are most likely to work

                                    To review the zoonotic risks

                                    To learn whether treatment of health animals can really help


Lecture 3.        Feline protozoal diarrhea; Cryptosporidium, Isospora, Tritrichomonas


Objectives.       To review the common manifestations

                                    To learn how best to use diagnostic tests to confirm the diagnoses

                                    To understand which treatment choices are most effective

                                    To review strategies for case management


Lecture 4.        GI bacterial diseases and logical use of probiotics

Objectives.       To determine the most common causes and manifestations

                        To discuss the optimal diagnostic plans

                        To learn how to use probiotic therapy in case management

                                    To learn the zoonotic risks



Lecture 5.        Update on the management of parvoviral diarrhea (and other viruses) in dogs and cats


Objectives.       To review the common viral causes, including SARS-CoV-2

                                    To learn which diagnostic tests are optimal

                                    To understand optimal treatment plans

                                    To discuss zoonotic health risks and prevention strategies

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