Course 3: Anesthesia/analgesia 1 – 5 CE hours


This all new seminar has been designed to provide you with practical information on the current thoughts on anesthesia along with pain management in your practice.  Dr. Grubb  will discuss her approach to management of patients requiring anesthesia along with  assessment and management of pain in practice today and also anesthesia and analgesia for emergency/critical care patients.

Purchase of this on demand video combination allows you unlimited access to view its contents in the future.   Online notes will also be included with the Video course.

To receive CE credits view the course then answer the test questions included with your purchase. After completing the exam, click and return it to IVS for grading. If you score 70% or better, IVS will e-mail you a certificate for 5 hours of RACE approved CE credit.

Be sure and check with your State Board to see how many hours of CE you can get per year using this form of CE delivery.


Lecture 1:  Anesthesia/Analgesia for Patients with Comorbidities & the Impact of COVID Mandates

Now that most clinics are essential only, our caseloads have shifted to a higher percentage of patients with comorbidities. We are also striving more for ‘one stop shopping’, decreasing the need for the owners to make repeat visits to the clinic. Thus, we are sedating/anesthetizing more patients at the first visit, yet many of these patients are not healthy. What should we be concerned about? What are the best anesthetic/analgesic protocols? What can we do without and still do safe anesthesia?


Lecture 2:  I Can’t Breathe! Anesthesia for Patients with Airway Disease

Both upper and lower airway disease will impact anesthesia -and anesthetic choices. What anesthetic/analgesic drugs/techniques are best and what monitoring/support techniques do you need to know to get your patients safely through anesthesia and back home better – or at least no worse – than when they arrived.


Lecture 3:   Anesthesia & Analgesia Practice Pearls, Updates and Tips

Top 10 Pearls! What is new? What has changed? What can make anesthesia safer? What is most effective for analgesia? We will answer these questions and more in a seminar geared to send every attendee home with something new or different to try in their practice.


Lecture 4:   You need this! 5 Anesthesia/Analgesia Things to Buy for Your Practice

Maybe you have some of these already. If not, you need them! Drugs and equipment that can make your anesthesia/analgesia life easier/safer.


Lecture 5:   Stop the Insanity!: Chronic Pain Cases (Dogs and Cats)

We will look at some real cases (dogs and cats) as they progressed through different analgesic therapies to finally reach success. But first we have to define success!

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