IVS Online Course #3-T Dentistry – 3 CE hours


This dental course is directed towards the whole dental team:  technicians/nurses and veterinarians.

Purchase of this on demand video combination allows you unlimited access to view its contents in the future. Online notes will also be provided.

To receive CE credits view the course then answer the test questions included with your purchase. After completing the exam, click and return it to IVS  for grading. If you score 70% or better, IVS will e-mail you a certificate for 3 hours of RACE approved CE credit.

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Lecture 1:   Well, THAT’S not normal! Oral and Dental Problems to identify

Regular oral examinations, both in the exam room and during the dental procedure, can reveal a number of abnormalities in many dogs and cats. The use of dental probes, intraoral radiography and accurate charting will allow you to recognize these changes in order to form a treatment plan to resolve the disease involved.


Lecture 2:   You’ve got to see it to believe – or diagnose – it! – Tips for easier dental radiology

Intraoral radiology is an essential part of dental practice, needed in every aspect of dentistry, from proper evaluation of periodontal disease to pre- and post-extraction films. The techniques of placing the film and aiming the radiographic beam can be challenging, but these skills are easily learned.


Lecture 3:   Start ‘em out young! – Oral and Dental Care for Puppies and Kittens

From puppies and kittens, to young adult dogs and cats, proper dental assessment and care is an important part of their overall health management. Early intervention with malocclusions, retained deciduous teeth and other issues can start these patients off in the right direction

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