ExpiredGalapagos Islands Small Yacht Cruise: trip 2- 2023

Galapagos Islands

  |   November 27th - December 7th, 2023

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IVS has teamed up with Bio Bio Expeditions to offer you a trip of a lifetime. Since 1993, Bio Bio has been a leader in delivering top quality travel experiences to guests from age 8 to 80 who share their love of the outdoors. Because of their extensive experience Bio Bio is responsible for the planning and implementation of the complete trip. To register for the seminar and for all questions relating to the trip, please call Bio Bio Expeditions at 1-800-246-7238 or visit www.bbxrafting.com.


“The Enchanted Islands”

This is a paradise where animals have no fear of man; it is a magical realm where creatures seem to be enchanted. They have fantastic, unique and fascinating forms with behaviors impossible to find anywhere else in the world. , this archipelago is unique and one of the wonders of world.

UNESCO declared the Galapagos Islands a World Natural Heritage this archipelago is unique and one of the wonders of world.

Biodiversity thrived in a territory of volcanic material that emerged from the deep waters of the Pacific Ocean millions of years ago. Cormorants forgot to fly, iguanas learned to swim, turtles became gigantic, and sharks, mild. This is a place where sea lions show off their swimming skills and blue-footed boobies perform their elegant two-step mating dance right under your nose. The archipelago is located in the Pacific Ocean 600 miles, or 965 km, off the Ecuadorian mainland. Its wonders include impressive geological formations, old and new outcrops, various types of cones and tunnels formed by underground streams and currents.

Join us as we travel to the Galapagos Islands in 2023.  This will be our 17th visit to the Islands .  We have selected the “Coral II” motor yacht for our travels as it is a spectacular small yacht- with only a maximum of 20 people, this is the ideal way to explore these enchanting islands.  

Along the way,  Dr Heidi Lobprise will present 14 RACE approved CE hours on managing common dental and geriatric problems.

Here are a few details about the Coral II:

  • Fully air conditioned room
  • All rooms have private bathroom with hot water
  • Handsome decorations in teak wood
  • Ample sundecks and Jacuzzi on-board
  • Knowledgeable naturalist guide
  • Optional opportunities to SCUBA



The Coral II is the perfect combination of classic beauty and exquisite style. Built in Holland, the ship surpasses all the standards you would expect from a high-class yacht in order to make your cruise among the enchanted islands extraordinary.

Every cabin features handsome wood decoration, along with air-conditioning, a private bathroom, safe deposit box, telephone, and your choice of background music. Additionally, the Coral II has plenty of room to relax with  sundecks (some shaded), a Jacuzzi, comfortable dining room and lounge.

 Our adventure partners at Bio Bio are again running the program- please visit their web site at BBXrafting.com  for all details and for any questions and to reserve your cabin.

Seminar Topics:

Dr. Heidi Lobprise will provide a practical and relaxed interactive discussion on how she manages common dental problems along with senior care in practice today.

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Seminar Speakers

  • Heidi Lobprise D.V.M. Diplomate, American Veterinary Dental College Chief Dental Officer Main St. Veterinary Dental Clinic Flower Mound, TX

CE Hours

Seminar registration fee is $825.00 for 14 AAVSB RACE approved hours.