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Key West, FL

  |   November 11th - 13th, 2019

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Gary Oswald D.V.M.

Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine
Chief of Staff
Tampa Bay Veterinary Specialists

Ellen Behrend V.M.D., Ph.D.

Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine
Joezy Griffin Professor
Department of Clinical Sciences
Auburn University


This combination of two internationally recognized Internists will provide you with a practical approach to the management of many common medical problems that you encounter in your daily practice. You are sure to come away with some very helpful tips!



Seminar Schedule:


Monday, November 11, 2019 1:00 pm – 1:30 pm

Welcome Reception:

Monday, November 11, 2019 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm


Tuesday, November 12

Wednesday, November 13

7:15 am – 8:00 am

7:15 am – 8:00 am


Monday, November 11
Tuesday, Nov. 12
Wednesday, November 13

1:30 pm – 6:30 pm
8:00 am – 1:30 pm
8:00 am – 1:30 pm

Seminar Topics:


  • Diagnosing hypothyroidism in dogs

  • Diagnosing hyperadrenocorticism in dogs

  • I diagnosed Cushing’s in a dog, now what do I do?

  • Treatment of canine hypoadrenocorticism

  • Hyperthyroidism in cats – diagnosis and new thoughts

  • What insulin is available and what do I use?

  • Diabetic conundrums: difficult to manage cases

  • A case-based approach to hypercalcemia

  • A case-based approach to pu/pd

Cardiac disease  

  • Is a heart murmur a consistent indicator of underlying heart disease? 

  • Murmurs, Gallops and Arrhythmias in cats. 

  • When should Atenolol or Diltiazem be considered for feline cardiomyopathy? 

  • What are the best treatment strategies for treating congestive heart failure in cats? 

  • Considerations in thromboprophylaxis treatment in feline cardiomyopathy patients? 

  • This asymptomatic dog has a murmur. What diagnostics should I consider? 

  • Treatment considerations in mitral valve disease vs dilated cardiomyopathy. 

  • Loop diuretic therapy in CHF – furosemide of torsemide? 

  • What role does spironolactone play in CHF patients? 

  • Reducing angiotensin and aldosterone – ACE-inhibitors or ARBs? 

  • When to initiate and how to dose pimobendan in cardiac patients. 

  • Use of Viagra in canine heart disease. 

Respiratory disease  

  • How to determine whether a coughing dog has chronic bronchitis vs airway collapse. 

  • Which drugs are considered preferred cough suppressants in dogs? 

  • Are bronchodilators helpful in coughing dogs? Which one? 

  • When to consider surgical intervention or tracheal stenting in airway collapse. 

  • Coughing cats – How do I tell if it is feline asthma or some other respiratory disease? 

  • Do I have to give corticosteroids to feline asthma patients? 

  • What are the preferred corticosteroids options for asthmatic cats? 

  • When would bronchodilator treatment be useful in asthmatic cats? 

  • Are human asthma drugs helpful in feline asthma patients? 

  • Should cyproheptadine or Cerenia be considered in feline asthma patients? 

  • Is immunotherapy helpful in treating asthmatic cats?  

Chronic Kidney Disease 

  • When should renal biopsy be considered? 

  • Has SDMA become the preferred means of diagnosing CKD? 

  • Should quantitative urine protein values be determined in geriatric patients? 

  • Is blood pressure determination really that important in renal patients? 

  • Which antihypertensive treatment is preferred in CKD – amlodipine, ACE-Is or ARBs? 

  • What are the realistic goals in treating chronic kidney disease? 

  • When should a therapeutic renal diet be started in CKD patients? 

  • This dog/cat doesn’t like oral phosphorus binders. How important is this drug? 

  • Is it just an “Ohio State thing” or are vitamin D, calcium and PTH important in CKD? 

  • Appropriate use of erythropoeitin analogs in anemic CKD patients. 

  • Appropriate use of fluid therapy and appetite stimulants in hyporexic CKD patients. 

Urinary Tract Infection 

  • What are the preferred antibiotics in uncomplicated UTI patients? 

  • How long should antibiotic therapy be administered in uncomplicated UTI? 

  • What predisposing disorders should I look for in patients with recurrent UTI? 

  • How do I select an appropriate antibiotic in recurrent UTI patients? 

  • What follow-up testing is recommended in monitoring UTI treatment? 

  • What do I do when asymptomatic bacteruria is present? 

  • What can be done to prevent recurrent UTI development? 

  • Is oral cranberry effective? What about other drugs or supplements? 

  • Does improving vulvar and vaginal health help reduce UTIs? 

  • When to consider Phenylpropanolamine treatment in UTI patients. 

Abdominal Cavity & Hepatic  

  • When should I be concerned about elevated liver enzymes in dogs & cats? 

  • Indications for Bile acid and Protein C testing in dogs. 

  • Liver needle aspirate or biopsy; no more ‘non-diagnostic’ samples! 

  • What are the preferred medical treatments for chronic-active hepatitis? 

  • What can I do to save the “fatty liver” cat? Just feed ‘em, I’ll show you how. 

  • Gall bladder mucoceles – identification and medical vs surgical treatment? 


  • Antiemetics, Antacids & gastric protectants – “the good, the bad & the ugly”. 

  • Options for appetite stimulation in dogs & cats. 

  • Why the GI panel is so important in patients with chronic GI signs. 

  • What will serum cobalamin & folate really tell me? 

  • The importance of considering different diets and dysbiosis prior to biopsy. 

  • When to consider antibiotic & probiotic therapy in chronic GI patients. 

  • Endoscopic GI biopsies – should I buy an endoscope for my practice? 

  • What are the preferred treatments for IBDs & PLEs in dogs and cats?  


  • How can I quickly and accurately assess pancreas in an acute GI disturbance? 

  • What do pancreatic-specific lipase tests really tell me? Which PL test is reliable? 

  • How often do cats get exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI)? 


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Seminar Speakers

  • Gary Oswald D.V.M. Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine Tampa Bay Veterinary Consultants Oldsmar, FL
  • Ellen Behrend V.M.D. Ph.D. Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine Joezy Griffin Professor Department of Clinical Sciences Auburn University

CE Hours

This program has been submitted for 16 hours of continuing education credit in jurisdictions, which recognize AAVSB’s RACE approval; however, participants should be aware that some boards have limitations on the number of hours accepted in certain categories and /or restrictions on certain methods of delivery of continuing education. Call IVS at 800-487-5650 for further information.

IVS is also an approved provider in NY.

IVS complies with the following guidelines:

  • Speakers are recognized specialists
  • Mandatory recorded attendance
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Complete seminar notes
  • Approved for 16 CE hrs by the AAVSB Race program


Casa Marina Key West

Casa Marina Key West

Visit Website

This will be our 5th visit Fall visit at the Casa Marina Resort.

Opened on New Year’s Eve of 1920, Casa Marina, A Waldorf Astoria Resort, is a flawless merging of old Key West ambiance and contemporary luxury. Immerse yourself in a restful haven where emerald lawns meet a blue Atlantic – welcoming stunning sunrises each day. Come to the “house by the sea” enveloped in breezy elegance and shaded by graceful palms.

Casa Marina Key West

Enjoy a taste of tropical living at the legendary Casa Marina, A Waldorf Astoria Resort. Nestled along the southern edge of the island – spanning more than 1,100 feet of private beach, Casa Marina’s modern accommodations provide a luxurious hideaway for travelers. Listed in the National Register for Historic Places, this landmark resort has attracted business tycoons, artists, and dignitaries since the 1920’s because:

  • It’s located on the largest private beach in Key West, Florida
  • It’s a short walk from Southernmost Point U.S.A, the Key West Aquarium, Ernest Hemingway’s House and President Truman’s House
  • Only minutes from the vibrant attractions and nightlife of Duval Street and historic Old Town
  • With easy access to world-class water sports, including deep-sea fishing, wind surfing, and diving in America’s only living barrier reef
  • And, it’s only three miles from Key West International Airport (EYW)

Casa Marina Key West


Casa Marina Key West

Casa Marina Key West

Revel in the island charm of Key West that has inspired artists and writers since the 1920s. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places , Casa Marina combines timeless service with modern comfort and style. Lose yourself in our Mediterranean-style accommodations. Delight in the 311 non-smoking guest rooms and suites at our beachfront hotel  – where a historical sense of time is artfully combined with an intimate sense of place. Indulge in an exquisite selection of beachfront accommodations.


Group rooom rates:

  • Standard room:$349.00 dbl/night plus taxes

  • Ocean view with balcony:  $449.00 dbl/night plus taxes  

Additional Charges (subject to change without notice):

  • State and Local taxes, fees and assessments are currently 12.5%
  • Resort fee: $40.00 per room per night which includes: wireless high speed internet service; local phone calls: pool and beach services including chairs, towels, umbrellas, beach hammocks, frozen eucalyptus towels, drink samples, frozen popsicles, and personalized beach attendant service.  Access to both Casa Marina and the Reach Resort amenities including fitness centers, beach volleyball, gaint chess board, bocce court, out door pool table, pool toys, and fishing pier access and reciprocal resort charging privileges.  Please note, amenities and services included in the Resort fee are subject to change.
  • Self parking fee: $27.00/day; Valet is $35.00 per day


You will be charged a deposit of one nights room and tax. 

Cancellations: You must cancel your reservation at least 21 days prior to your scheduled arrival to receive a refund. If you cancel with 21 days of your scheduled arrival or are a no-show or depart early, you will be charged for the complete scheduled stay.

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Please Call 1 (800) 487-5650
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Area Attractions

Area Attractions

It’s the perfect time to visit everyone’s favorite tropical Island in Florida. The weather is wonderful (in the low 80’s )and the rates are down!

The colorful heritage of this laid back Island city has inspired writers and artists over the last century. Stroll along brick walkways, adjacent to the Custom House Historical Museum or enjoy a walk to the Truman Whitehouse, Mel Fisher’s Museum of sunken treasures and the infamous Hemingway House. Just one block from the resort is Duval Street offering art galleries, boutiques, cafes and legendary historic watering holes.

Tour the city on the conch-train, enjoy the conch and Caribbean food, biking, snorkeling, diving, relaxing on the beach, stroll along Dual Street, catch a sunset in Mallory Square, fishing, a sunset sail, shopping and slowing down for a few days.

Key West attractions and activities, learn more


Old Town has many cafes and restaurants offering food for all tastes. And the nightlife is legendary in Key West.

Don’t forget to catch sunset at Mallory Square- it’s a tradition and an experience!

Outdoor activities


Relax on the Resorts private beach.

Water Sports

Sailing, jet skiing, windsurfing, canoeing, snorkeling and diving.


Golf in the tropics at Key West Golf Club.


Explore the island on bicycles or mopeds.


Take a fast boat to the reefs and snorkel for several hours.

Spa services

Spa Al Mare awaits your arrival.

Getting There


Key West can be accessed by air with frequent flights into Key West Airport. In the terminal you can then contact the hotel from the phone to arrange for Resort transportation. Or grab a cab- pricing is the same for either transport group. Or you can rent a car from Miami and travel Hwy. 1 over the Keys to Key West. (About a 3 to 4 hour spectacular drive.)

Key West Airport
Miami Airport

Local Transportation Information

Arriving at the Key West Airport-  set outside and grab a cab to the Casa Marina. There is no hotel shuttle available.

Registration Fees:

Early Bird:  $975.00

Register by:  September 20, 2019

Advanced:  $995.00

Register by:  October 18, 2019

Regular:  $1015.00

Register after:  October 18, 2019

Special Pricing:

  • Veterinary Technicians are always welcome- there is an $80 discount for registration

Registration Includes:

  • 16 CE hours
  • complete seminar notes
  • certificate of attendance
  • welcome reception on monday
  • breakfast and breaks tuesday & wednesday

Seminar Registration:

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