Intrasynovial Injections/Anesthesia in the Horse


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This video is authored by Professor Gary M. Baxter, VMD, MS, DACVS. This series of videos is a must for equine veterinarians to learn how to perform intrasynovial injections of joints, tendon sheaths and bursae in the horse. The general approach to intrasynovial anesthesia/injections in the horse is described and demonstrations of multiple intasynovial injections of the forelimb and hindlimb in live horses are included. Injection techniques to the coffin, pastern, fetlock, carpus, elbow, shoulder, tarsus, stifle, hip, and sacroiliac joints are demonstrated including several different approaches to the same joint. Injection techniques to the digital flexor tendon sheath, carpal sheath, tarsal sheath, navicular bursa, bicipital bursa, calcaneal bursa, and trochanteric bursa are also included. Anatomic images that show the exact site for needle placement are also included.

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