Practical Surgical Techniques of the Canine Stifle


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Whether you are seeking to refine your surgical techniques or develop a new expertise in stifle surgery, this video combination will prove to be a valuable resource in your practice! This volume includes high quality video of lateral fabello-tibial tuberosity suture stabilization in both cadaveric knees and in clinical patients. Cadaveric video will provide you with great detail on pertinent anatomy; you will never struggle finding the fabella again! Video footage demonstrates the mechanism of medial meniscal injury and how to manage caudal horn medial meniscal tears. Management of medial patellar luxation is covered in great detail including wedge recession trochleoplasty, block trochleoplasty and tibial crest transposition. This patellar luxation footage includes tips that you’ve never seen in a textbook, but are certain to make your life easier and your skills stronger inside the operating room! You will use video footage to train yourself or your practice colleagues in how to properly perform cranial drawer and tibial compression tests for stifle instability.

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