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Who is VideoVet and how does it work with IVS?

VideoVet and International Veterinary Seminars have teamed up to offer two unique methods of providing quality continuing education. VideoVet produces state of the art DVD driven CE while International Veterinary Seminars takes you to great seminar locations and offers state of the art continuing education delivered by world class speakers.

How can I get VideoVet CE credits?

With your order you will receive a multiple choice examination and DVD evaluation form. View the DVD and CD, complete the examination and evaluation form and return them to VideoVet. *Please note that only the following DVD’s are available for CE credits:

  • GI Surgery I
  • Emergency Surgery I
  • Emergency Surgery II
  • Respitory Surgery I
  • Urinary Surgery I
  • Reproductive Surgery I
  • Sutures I
  • Feline Surgery I
  • Soft Tissue Surgery I


DVD’s with CE Credits

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Additional DVD’s

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Orthopedic Surgery DVD’s

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Equine DVD’s

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Endoscopy/Laparoscopy DVD’s

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Feline Surgery

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VideoVet Package Deals

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