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  |   June 28th - July 5th, 2024

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Ashley Bourgeois D.V.M.

Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Dermatology
Animal Dermatology Clinic
Portland, OR

Christopher Pachel D.V.M.

Diplomate American College of Veterinary Behaviorists
Animal Behavior Clinic
Portland, OR

Seminar Schedule:


Schedule subject to change:

Day Port Arrive Depart
Friday June 28 Seattle    4.00pm
Saturday June 29

At sea






Sunday June 30




Monday July 1

Endicott Arm 








Tuesday, July 2


Inside Passage





Wednesday July 3

At Sea






Thursday July 4







Friday July 5 Seattle 6:00am  

Seminar Topics:

What am I missing in the itchy dog?

Several studies show that pruritus is the number one reason a client brings their dog to the veterinarian. Allergic skin diseases are common problems in canine patients, and many of the clinical presentations are similar which can make these cases frustrating. This lecture will focus on the allergic workup, acute treatment of pruritus, and client communication. 

The Itchy and Scratchy Cat

Different categories of feline allergies can be difficult to differentiate from one another.  Understanding the different patterns of cutaneous lesions, response to treatment, and management of secondary issues is important for control.This lecture will present how to differentiate and perform a diagnostic workup for flea, food, and environmental allergies in cats.  

From tip to tympanum: diagnosing otitis

Managing difficult otitis externa cases in cats and dogs can be challenging, chronic, and frustrating. This lecture will discuss a complete approach to the diagnostic workup of otitis externa including cytology, culture and sensitivity, handheld otoscopy, and video otoscopy.

From ear drops to pills: how to effectively treat otitis externa and media

Choosing appropriate ear cleansers and initial therapeutics can be imperative in defeating micro-organisms. However, systemic therapy can also be used to help alleviate discomfort and treat infection in complicated cases. This is especially true when disease extends deeper than the external ear canal. This lecture will address how to assess the best treatment plan for every type of otitis case from a simple yeast otitis to a resistant otitis media.

Don’t fear the smear (basics of cytology)

Cytology is one of the most important diagnostic tools in dermatology.  A quick, inexpensive test that can be essential in diagnosing and managing various skin diseases.  This lecture will discuss what different findings of cells, organisms and structures may indicate.  Also, techniques for collecting and interpreting cytologies from different anatomical sites will be discussed.

Be A Derm Detective! Case-Based Approach to the Dermatology Workup

Multiple real-world challenging dermatology cases will be presented. Some straightforward, some with a “twist”, to show how avoiding common dermatologic pitfalls and customizing an individualized diagnostic and treatment plan for each case leads to the best outcome.

Room for One More: Introducing a New Dog or Cat to the Household

Introducing new pets to an existing pet household can be a daunting or intimidating task for dog and cat owners, and problems associated with these introductions are easier to avoid than they are to solve once they’ve occurred.  Knowing how to guide your clients through this process will decrease the risk of conflicts and increase the integration success rate for your patients.  This presentation will cover strategies and concepts critical to navigating this process successfully.


More than just a naughty cat: Understanding feline nuisance behaviors

“Not quite a behavior problem, but not exactly well-behaved either…”  Do you have any feline patients that fit that description? Normal cat behaviors aren’t always appreciated, they may be creating discord in your clients’ homes, and they may even be risking the surrender or euthanasia of your patients.  Knowing how to respond to client questions about everyday behavior patterns, efficiently (!), can mean the difference between frustration and enjoyment, and potentially between life and death.

Pitfalls in Socialization

The consequences of insufficient socialization may include behavior patterns such as increased emotionality and a predisposition toward fear and anxiety-based emotional states.  We also know that the process of socialization is about more than “exposure”, and that those social exposures need to be provided in just the right quantity and quality, and at the right time for maximum benefit.  What happens when we miss the mark?  Is it possible to create problems while trying to provide socialization experiences?  This presentation will focus specifically on two such potential problems, traumatic experiences and conditioned arousal, and will outline how these complications may occur and how to avoid them.  

Do You See What I See: Medical Conditions Masquerading as Behavior Problems

Clients frequently report changes in their pet’s behavior to veterinary staff during appointments.  Understanding when to recommend additional diagnostics and when to recommend primary behavior treatment is a valuable skill to have in your tool kit!  This presentation will cover common conditions that may appear to be behavioral in origin, when in fact, they may be occurring due to an underlying medical concern.

Chill out – incorporating conditioned relaxation techniques into behavioral therapy

Tension, stress, and hyperarousal are common obstacles for successful treatment of fear, anxiety, and aggression problems in dogs.  Teaching a dog how to relax, both physically and physiologically, can be a helpful foundation exercise with widespread applications.  This presentation will introduce a variety of ways to condition a reliable relaxation response using techniques that can be applied to many different patient temperaments and learning styles.  Video examples will be provided to illustrate key points that maximize the success of this technique.  Practical applications for incorporating this exercise into treatment plans for a variety of behavioral diagnoses such as noise phobia, resource guarding, and leash reactive behaviors will also be covered.  

Prescribing for separation anxiety

This presentation will walk participants through the process of deciding whether medication use is appropriate for separation anxiety cases, and how to make educated decisions between options. In addition to the use of single pharmaceuticals such as fluoxetine and alprazolam, other treatments such as nutritional therapy, supplement use, herbal therapies, and combination therapies will be discussed as time allows.

Bringing the conversation out of the shadows: behavioral euthanasia considerations

If your professional role includes counseling pet owners through consideration of available intervention options for behavioral problems, it is inevitable that you will experience a situation in which the option of euthanasia is on the table for one reason or another. This is a complicated subject, and it is important that the behavior consultant has a solid grasp of the factors that influence this conversation and outcome across various circumstances. Specific discussion topics will include: a discussion of risk assessment and safety, navigating the role of the pet in that specific household, quality of life and welfare considerations, the impact of guilt on caregiver decision making, as well as specific conversation strategies and client support resources.

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Seminar Speakers

  • Ashley Bourgeois D.V.M. Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Dermatology Animal Dermatology Clinic Portland Portland, OR 97086
  • Christopher Pachel DVM Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Behaviorists Animal Behavior Clinic Portland, OR

CE Hours

This seminar is approved for 15 CE hrs.  IVS is also an approved provider in NY.

This program has been submitted for 15 hours of continuing education credit in jurisdictions, which recognize AAVSB’s RACE approval; however, participants should be aware that some boards have limitations on the number of hours accepted in certain categories and /or restrictions on certain methods of delivery of continuing education. Call IVS at 800-487-5650 for further information.

IVS complies with the following guidelines:

  • Speakers are recognized specialists
  • Mandatory recorded attendance
  • Submission of attendance to AAVSB RACEtrack program
  • Complete seminar notes
  • Approved for 15 CE hrs by the AAVSB Race program


Alaska cruise aboard Celebrity Cruises

Alaska cruise aboard Celebrity Cruises "Edge"

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Celebrity Edge marks a turning point in our approach to ship design. From the very first sketches to experiencing those designs in a virtual reality setting, every step was done in 3-D. From the incredible new Magic Carpet to the private plunge pools in our new 2-story Edge Villas, we could design the most refined ship at sea. The unique outward facing design breaks from traditional ship design. Aboard, you’ll feel more connected with the sea and the places you’ll visit in a variety of spaces ranging from our Edge Staterooms with Infinite VerandasSM, to our reimagined, terraced pool deck that offers even greater views of the destinations and shimmer of ocean.

If only life on land was as good as life on Celebrity Edge.



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Celebrity Cruises® suite accommodations set the standard for modern luxury. Unparalleled comfort and convenience come standard, as well as exceptional amenities and exclusive onboard experiences. From personal butler service to private restaurants and lounges, this is what it means to live The Suite Life.


The ultimate in spa-inspired experiences, these staterooms are designed to indulge at every turn. From the Infinite VerandaSM that takes the whole room right to the water’s edge to Blu, the exclusive restaurant featuring favorite dishes reimagined with a healthier twist.

Nestled close to the spa, you have unlimited, complimentary access to The Sea Thermal Suite, along with a dedicated Spa Concierge who’ll be happy to make reservations for you—or create a whole spa regimen for you to follow during your cruise. During your cruise, delight in a variety of spa-inspired stateroom touches, including: the Bossini shower panel, aromatherapy diffusers, pillow menus, daily deliveries of flavored tea and fresh fruit upon request

Concierge Class:

A dedicated concierge is always just steps away from your room to assist with your vacation needs. Attend exclusive events, including a Welcome Aboard Luncheon and Destination Seminar. Then there’s the room, the Infinite VerandaSM takes the whole room right to the water’s edge. Here, you’ll find it’s little details so meticulously thought out that they truly make a world of difference. It’s a room that’s so much more than a room—it’s an experience.


Infinite Verandas:

The most transformational aspect of our stateroom design is the introduction of the Edge Stateroom with Infinite Veranda, where with the touch of a button, your entire living space becomes the veranda, letting you walk right out to the water’s edge. These staterooms feature the latest in design and technology, and they’re 23% larger than our award-winning Solstice® Class veranda staterooms.

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Another modern luxury first for us, 99% of the staterooms on Celebrity Edge have a king-sized bed, featuring the Celebrity eXhale™ bedding and the Cashmere Mattress.


Inside Staterooms:

Edge Class staterooms were designed with the modern traveler in mind. With amenities including Smart TV, 24 hour room service, and our Celebrity’s eXhale™ bedding featuring the Cashmere Mattress, rest assured you will wake up recharged and prepared for whatever adventures the next day may bring.



Please note that to register for this seminar you must reserve your cabin thru our travel company.  We request this as it allows us to provide you with quality, practical CE while you cruise to Alaska.

With the constantly changing pricing associated with cruising, please contact our office for the latest prices.

Here are some current examples based on two per room:

  • SS sky suite            5806.41 per person

  • A2 aqua class         3056.41 per person

  • C1 concierge          2706.41 per person

  • C2 concierge          2656.41 per person

  • E1 infinite balc        2456.41 per person

  • D1 inside                1706.41 per person

Please call IVS for pricing & booking.  (800) 487-5650

Also now, every Celebrity cruise always includes drinks, Wi-Fi, and tips* on every sailing, in every room, every time. Click here for details




  • What is not included:

Air transportation; transfers to and from the ship in Seattle; items of a personal nature, such as shore excursions, specialty restaurant fees, some beverages, photographs, medical services, seminar registration.

Bus transfers to and from the ship (connecting to and from Seattle International Airport) can also be purchased from Celebrity- just ask the IVS office.



74-57 days prior to sailing- you will lose your deposit of $250.00 per person
56-29 days prior to sailing – you will lose 50% of cruise fare
28-15 days prior to sailing – you will lose 75% of cruise fare
14- 0 days prior to sailing- there is no refund.

We recommend Travel insurance which can be purchase through our office.

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Shore excursions

Make your cruise even more personal by purchasing Shore and Land Excursions. In order to reserve excursions online, make sure you have made at least one payment towards your cruise. Please call 1-800-487-5650 for your reservation number then visit Celebrity Cruise lines shore excursions. 

The Ship

Cruise itinerary- subject to change

JUNE 29        AT SEA
JUNE 30       KETCHIKAN, ALASKA 7:00a – 4:00p
JULY 1       ENDICOTT ARM FJORD 5:30a – 10:00a
JULY 1       JUNEAU, ALASKA 1:30p – 10:00p
JULY 2       SKAGWAY, ALASKA 7:00a – 6:00p
JULY 3          AT SEA

Getting There

We recommend you fly into Seattle the night before departure.


Fly to the Seattle International Airport.

Out travel office can assist you with flights to and from Seattle and answer any questions concerning when you should arrive and depart. Please call 800-487-5650

Local Transportation Information

For easy transfer to the ship- Our office can arrange bus transfer to and from the ship. Call 800-487-5650

IVS Travel Group Info

You must book your cruise thru our travel group to be able to register for the seminar.

Registration Fees:



Early Bird:  $1075.00

Register By:  March  29, 2024

Advanced: $1095.00

Register By:  April 26, 2024

Regular: $1115.00

Register After:  April 26, 2024

We have closed the online method of seminar registration.

Please note that registration is open and there is room on the ship but to register you must reserve your cabin thru our travel company- please call 800-487-5650. We ask that you do this as it allows us to provide quality, practical CE on the cruise.

Veterinary technicians are welcome- there is an $80 seminar registration discount

Registration Includes:

We have closed the online method of seminar registration- please note that there is room on the ship but to register you must reserve your cabin thru our travel company- please call 800-487-5650. We ask that you do this as it allows us to provide quality, practical CE on the cruise.

  • 15 RACE approved CE hours

  • Complete seminar notes

  • Certificate of completion

  • Submission of attendance to AAVSB RACEtrack program

  • Welcome reception for all

Seminar Registration:

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  • Alaska cruise
    June 28, 2024 - July 5, 2024
    12:05 am - 8:05 pm

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