UpcomingWildlife Safari in Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls & Botswana trip 2: 2025

Africa Safari

  |   August 15th - 25th, 2025

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IVS has teamed up with Bio Bio Expeditions to offer you a trip of a lifetime. Since 1993, Bio Bio has been a leader in delivering top quality travel experiences to guests from age 8 to 80 who share their love of the outdoors. Because of their extensive experience Bio Bio is responsible for the planning and implementation of the complete trip. To register for the seminar and for all questions relating to the trip, please call Bio Bio Expeditions at 1-800-246-7238 or visit www.bbxrafting.com.

Join us on our 14th Wildlife Safari in Zimbabwe , Zambia and Botswana. Enjoy four different unique and luxurious Safari Lodges, and take and the glory and splendor of the Zambezi river, Victoria Falls and its surroundings.

Explore Victoria Falls and the game parks of Zimbabwe & Botswana. The two owners of Bio Bio Adventures, Marc and Laurence spent many seasons working as full time guides on the Zambezi River and have expert knowledge of the river and the surrounding area. July, August and September are some the best months to see game and experience the Zambezi as it is the end of the dry season and all of the animals come down to the banks of the river to drink, swim and frolic in the shallows. Also, the bush has been either eaten or has died down, so seeing the animals is much easier. (In the wet season there is so much fresh green foliage that the animals hide in the thicket or scatter to drinking holes hidden away).

Zimbabwe has all the infrastructure of a modern country and has a highly developed and protected national park system. This has allowed the wildlife to thrive and the elephant herds of Botswana and Zimbabwe are among the largest and most protected of Africa. The game viewing in Zimbabwe is simply the best, and you will not be overrun by the herds of tourists often found in Kenya!

This will be a trip of a lifetime-  check out the itinerary here



Seminar registration fee for 12 CE hrs: $845.00 

All are welcome including spouses and friends- only the veterinarian attending needs to register for the CE. 

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CE Hours

Seminar registration fee is $845.00 for 12 AAVSB RACE approved hours.